Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 5. A New Perspective.

This is Jay, and this is my first time reporting my horrific experiences here at Costco. Honestly I feel as though I am writing a eulogy for my friends and family as I write in this 5-star notebook, with shaking hands. To start, I have been a good friend of Jeff’s since High School PE. And believe me if it weren’t for him and his open minded attitude, I would still be that kid who never had a group and was always “put into” one. We became friends rather quickly as we found out we shared the same tastes in sports and music. We had been hanging out since high school and after for a while, well until all hell broke loose. I remember quite well as the events were scorched in my mind…It happened fast, really fast. I don’t know where to start, there were screams and metal and tires screeching on the streets as the virulent plague swept through Anaheim as if God had forsaken humanity. I was in daze as I saw the events unfold before me as if I was watching Resident Evil the movie. I was jolted back to life that instant when Jeff called to confirm the horrific events and set up a rendezvous point for our families. And instinctively, I shoved current events to the back of my mind as my survival instincts kicked in. I got my sleeping mom and dad together and dragged my 14 year old chubby brother out of the bathroom and headed for the garage. We got our necessities in a bag and dumped them in the back of my mom’s gray 2009 corolla Toyota. My mom and dad and brother got into the toyota, and headed for Jeff’s house while I got into my baby, a 2-door silver 06 civic. As I turned the key to start the 1.8liter engine my radio burst into life. It was defaulted at 105.9 and of all the hip hop artists, Drake’s retarded (and I don’t use the term loosely) rhetoric blasted through my speakers “what am I doing, what am I doing…oh yea that’s right im doin me…” Could this day get any worse I thought to myself…little did I know of the darkness that awaited us. As we raced past red lights, the sky was streaked with Apachi helicopters and news helicopters…It was a sight to behold. We came to a screeching halt in front of Jeff’s three bedroom house where I had spent many my days idling around. Seems like those glory days are over, and all too soon. It was pitch black, it seemed, even the moon hid its stage presence from the darkness below. We got out of the cars to meet up. We decided on Costco on Irvine as our next point as Jeff had a brother who worked the grave shift, and honestly what better place than a ware house with giant metal doors and an infinite supply of necessities. We got there around 3 am, without too much incident, well it seems that way after 5 days of living through hell. I had run over at least four people as they tried crossing the streets frantically that day. I did not care for their safety as fear had already found refuge in my heart. When we arrived, we set shelters and barricades quickly and for the first time in what seemed like ages, I calmed down. As I looked around me, I noticed as the scenery was one of chaos and mischief. As if the day of judgment had come. As I looked around, our friends and family were either crying for too many reasons, or pretended to be strong…

From there, me and Jeff and a couple of others got together and held a meeting. Believe me it was no picnic as we somehow managed to bring order by picking Jeff as the leader, as since PE class, he had the qualities of a leader. We even managed to set up groups for different purposes. I was put in charge of recon and surveillance. As I write now, already 5 days have passed since what seemed like the dream. That’s enough for today; sleep fatigue and paranoia are weighing me down, and it’s time to retire for the night. As Jeff has mentioned many times, we are here at Costco in Irvine, and as always if anyone is in need of assistance, we will be more than glad to help.


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