Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 1.

I was ready. Ready as you could be. I couldn't believe that this was actually happening. An actual zombie outbreak. This is the kind of thing only thought up in video games or movies. But its here. They tried to stop the infection but it moved so quickly. Airborne they presumed. It finally hit the west coast. Anaheim. The city of Disneyland. Happiest place on earth my ass. Army came down here so fast it would've made your head spin. Too late though, infection had already spread to the majority of the city. As soon as I heard I called everyone I cared for; I was ready. Got my girlfriend and my best friend to get our families together and head to the best place for an outbreak. Costco. Sadly not everyone made it. A cousin of mine and his girlfriend died. She was pregnant. My brother died. He went to Los Angeles to find his girlfriend. His brother in law called us and said he had never made it. My girlfriend's family was okay. My girlfriends brother was called to duty to help with refugees about a couple weeks prior. He never even went to boot camp. Last she heard he was in Chicago, helping to drive off the dead. My best friend's family didn't seem like they wanted to be here with us. They felt like they needed to find there family and be with them. But my friend convinced them that I knew what I was doing. I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing. I was ready with maps and equipment and a plan. But not ready to be a leader, I'm only a 19 year old kid that was going to a community college to get a degree in computer science. I have no idea how to be a leader. I don't want to fail them. I can't fail them. I won't fail them. Just gotta take this day by day.  I'm writing this the day after we got here. When we arrived everything thing was stocked and untouched. I was pretty surprised that this Costco wasn't looted like all the other stores. But then again we got here around 3 a.m. My older brother Hugo works the grave shift here. Lucky for us he had stolen the key from one of the security guards that he was cool with. Don't worry he was already dead when we got here, so technically it wasn't stealing . We opened up shop and got to work. We started to reinforce the metal doors, set up the camping tents, made sure there was no entrances that were not blocked off, made plans for refugees if any came our way, and prayed that all our other loved ones would get our text messages to meet us here. Thats why I'm posting this here. I hope that someone finds this and sends us help. Or if someone is needing help, We are here. Costco in Irvine, CA 1234 Irvine Lane. If anyone is out there please message me and we will do what we can to help. 


  1. You live in Anaheim?¿

  2. Interesting concept... I look forward to future entries. Followed!

  3. you got me hooked. keep postin! :)