Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 3.

Apparently we have some neighbors. Let me explain. Earlier today we were scavenging the area to find another to communicate to the people who don't have computers.Oh that reminds me I never explained how we still have an internet connection running. When the infection grew to such an uncontrollable size, the government had seized many of the ISP's in the U.S. to keep the communications to those stuck in the middle of this mayhem going. Sadly, due too mass chaos, many telephone poles that were used to connect to the Internet were destroyed causing many people to lose not only their only means of communications but also electricity. Luckily, we're in a stable enough area to keep the internet going. But anyways, as we were looting through the cars trying to find any items that were useful to us, we found a walkie talkie one of security rooms. Now this was a pretty high tech one. But there was just that one. We put some batteries in it to see if it still worked. It did. And someone picked up. It was another security guard from a Wal-mart down the plaza about a 200 yards away from us. He said he was holding about 40 something non-infected with him. We aren't alone here. He told us that he was an ex-navy veteran that had to work as a security guard. He said that guy I killed was his friend. They both had the same shifts and would talk to each other over the radio when they weren't busy. And I then realized that I couldn't see the people that I cared about die in such a horrible way. I just couldn't. We made a deal to take some of there more elderly survivors and some medical supplies for guns and ammunition. So we got in a truck loaded it with pills from the pharmacy and went on our way. We took in about 5 people. A family of 3: grandfather, little boy, and daughter. And an elderly couple. We loaded them up, got our guns and got the hell out of there. The family of three are from Tustin and the elderly couple are from a retirement home right down the street. I saw fear in there eyes. The men both served in World War 2, these guys saw first hand what destruction was. These guys saw it all. Apparently not. I could sense the fear. The fear of what used to be only as real as the Boogeyman. We tried to make them feel as comfortable as we could. We set up more tents, gave them bigger portions at dinner, and conversed with them. The elderly couples names were: Margret and Robert Dorian. The families names were: James, Melissa, and Aiden Miller. Felt good to meet new people. But later that night we saw something. Actually two things. 2 zombies. Fuck, this is how it starts. First its only one or two roamers, then you got a cluster, then you got a wave, then... well lets just say I've never heard of anyone surviving a wave of those fuckheads. We gotta start being more careful. In the mean time, we are still here. Costco in Irvine, CA 1234 Irvine Lane. If anyone is out there please message me and we will do what we can to help. 


  1. Nice story you got going here!
    will keep coming back for more :)

  2. Nice post. Try some more spacing though. Was a little bit disorienting reading through all of that

  3. Nice post, try and keep pace though, otherwise great work!

  4. Use a bit more detail, you are telling, not showing. Otherwise it sounds great :)